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It’s a route from the sea to the Ardenya Mountains, Canyet and Canyerets beach. The starting point is at Casanova and we’ll go up to Santa Escolàstica and Pedralta and we’ll take a path to Guilla fountain. We’ll follow the path below Puig de les Cols and we’ll arrive at Sant Benet.
We’ll leave that mas behind and we’ll find Puig Ballaron up there. There is a wonderful viewpoint over the sea. From this hill, we’ll begin to go down to can Rifà and then we’ll take Sorres and Mula Espenyada paths, in front of the sea, which will lead us to Tossa road. 300m from here, we’ll take the path on the left that goes to the old carabineers hut. This path will lead us directly to Canyerets beach.
Going down from here, we’ll leave the damaged carabineers hut on the right and we’ll be in front of a large panoramic view over Canyet.
It’s worth climbing at the top of Punta Canyet (a high rock full of pines in front of the sea), where we’ll find an elegant roundabout, traces of its glamorous past.
On the west side, there are the Canyet bridges that made up a lovely coastal path. This fact will allow us to go near the sea while cycling through a breathtaking landscape. It’s an intense cycling track from the top of the Ardenya to the Canyet reefs, a unique wonder near home.
28.26 Km 364 m 865 m
4 hores 57 minuts 1.1 m No
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