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Sa Tuna cave and les Tres Tites

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It’s a route through the Ardenya that allows us to find Sa Tuna cave, near Can Llaurador mas (Solius) and to descent by three different paths. These kinds of descents (very technical and steep) are known as Tites among the mountain bikers. The route goes up to Sant Amanç, Casa Nova, Sant Benet and Sant Baldiri. Then, near Plana Basarda, it begins a steep descent (Tita Negra) that will lead us to Sa Tuna cave, also known as Malallarga, the name of an indigent who lived there for a period of time. This northwest-facing cave is located in a group of granite rocks. The entrance is a circular hole, about 70 cm high, but it gets wider inside and several people can fit in.
By can Dalmau path, the route keeps on climbing to collet de can Duran; below the dump, we’ll find the second descent (Tita plana), an adventurous path that will lead us to Ridaura basin through the middle of the woods.
We’ll get to the green way and go up to Panedes to take the GR; we turn off halfway to follow the electric towers. We’ll find there the third technical descent (Tita elèctrica) that will take us back to the green way, near the Salenys Bridge, from where we’ll come back to Sant Feliu.
It’s a very intense route with funny descents and with the chance to know the amazing Sa Tuna cave.
36.78 Km 354.4 m 1138 m
5 hores un minut 19.4 m Si
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