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The 8 Ardenya fountains

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This is an interesting circular route that links some of the well-known fountains around Sant Feliu. We’ll go to the following fountains: Comes, Monticalvari, Pastor, Tres Fonts, Guilla, Castanyer and Font del Pi. It’s an amazing itinerary that requires effort, with lots of paths.
From Casanova, we’ll go down along the Comes stream and we’ll find Molí de les Comes fountain. The water of this fountain runs generously. Near the monastery, we’ll go up to Monticalvari fountain that was recently arranged and the water will run again soon.
We’ll keep on cycling to Portes col and we’ll arrive at Pastor Fountain. Then, we’ll come back to Tossa road and we’ll take the path to Divina Pastora. On the left side of the path, some meters away from the house, we’ll find the fountain and the mine. This is a wonderful spot though it is covered by bramble. It would be a very nice place if it was a little arranged.
At collet de la Mare de Déu, we’ll go down the Roman path and we’ll find the nice Tres Fonts fountain, next to a huge holly tree. We’ll come back to the col and we’ll continue to Creu d’en Barraquer. We’ll go down the Murtra path to arrive to Guilla path. After cycling a technical part of it, we’ll find Guilla fountain that runs again recently.
Once we arrive at Quatre Camins, we’ll go to Santa Escolàstica to look for the
Castanyers fountain, an arranged spot provided with tables and banks. From Santa Escolàstica, we’ll take a path on the left that will lead us to Santa Cristina Golf course. We still have a fountain left, that we’ll find coming back to Sant Feliu: Font del Pi. It is well-known and many people go there to fetch drinking water.
The rehabilitation of Monticalvari fountain is very welcome. However, this spot would be nicer if those lovely woods would be turned into a large Monticalvari Forest Park. It would be a park at the service of the town, a nice way to go from the Monastery and Tossa road to the sea.
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