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Montclar Sphinx or Woman in Stone

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Ardenya massif has a unique granite landscape. Plenty of rocky places, with large rocks, in shapes like balls, towers, domes, bumps, pans and animals are scattered all over the woods and the mountains. The following rocks are the best-known: Pedralta, Pedra sobre alta single dolmen, Roca Verdera, Costa Cirera rocks, es Carro Cremat, Roca Sella, Caputxins hut rocks...les roques de la barraca dels Caputxins…
This itinerary allows us to get Montclar shady slope and know a very original rock: Montclar Sphinx or also called Woman in Stone. It is a huge stone pillar with engravings that reminds us the sacred totems, built to represent ancient deities.
This proposal climbs from Sant Feliu to Pedralta, and then links with Guilla path and gets to Creu d’en Barraquer. We’ll go on with Sant Baldiri to get the main path that leads to collet de Can Duran. At Montclar ridge, we’ll take a path on the right side of the stony ascent that will lead us straight to the Sphinx, next to an electric tower.
We have a breathtaking view over the Carcaixells and Pedralta from this point.
To reach on foot the Sphinx, It’s better to climb Montclar from Sant Baldiri and then, go down a steep path on the north slope of the mountain. Thus, we’ll have known the Sphinx or Woman in Stone, which is very characteristic and still so unknown in the Ardenya.
38.54 Km 352 m 1223.5 m
5 hores 34 minuts 18.9 m Si
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