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Roca Verdera and Puig Basart

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This route runs through the Ardenya to find this lovely rock called Roca Verdera and to follow the Puig Basart ridge that will give us breathtaking views from the sea to the Pyrenees.
We’ll go to Creu d’en Barraquer to look for the sign-posted path (yellow and white signs) that goes at the feet of Puig de les Cols; we’ll find es Terme Gros and later, the collet de l’Escorpí. We’ll go on by the north-facing path that goes around the Puig de les Cols. A little further, we must pay attention to a sign at the right side. This shows us the way to go up to Roca Verdera (3 minutes). From the bottom of Roca Verdera, we’ll realise the huge granite rock that is alike to Pedralta one. The shady part of the rock is covered by a moss layer; it’s likely from here that the name verdera comes from.
It makes up a wide opening with the rocky place that has besides that gives us wonderful views over the vall d’Aro and the Solius Monastery.
The route goes on to coll del Vidre, to Puig Basart ridge and finally to Pedralta. We’ll cycle slowly this path called de les fites (used as a boundary between Sant Feliu and Santa Cristina). We have at one side the Molinets valley, the Carcaixells and the Montclar and, at the other, the Comes valley and Puig-Gros. Further, we’ll enjoy a panoramic view that goes from Sant Feliu harbour to the snowy Canigó, through l’Empordà, the Formigues islands, the Gavarres, the Selva plain and the range Transversal.
We’ll basically walk this path on the ridge, loading the bikes in some parts. The beauty of the landscape is worth the effort we’ll make.
It is an itinerary through the mountains, taking one of the loveliest paths of the Ardenya. And it is surprising that we have it close to home.
23.67 Km 385.2 m 874.8 m
4 hores 55 minuts -30.6 m Si
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