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Cadiretes-Pedra sobre Altra

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This is a quite entertaining itinerary through the surrounding paths of Puig de Cadiretes. When we’ll get the peak, we’ll find the Bigues fountain and later, the huge granite rock called Pedra sobre Altra.
We’ll go around Puig de Cadiretes, taking a path in the woods that goes on the right side. We’ll take it on the right, where the GR that comes from Can Cabanyes crosses Sant Grau road. Once we reach the peak (519m) and stare at the panoramic view that goes from Tordera basin to Barcelona, Montseny, Guilleries, Gavarres and Pyrenees, we’ll go down to Pla de les Pinyaques and then, two km more to Tossa. We’ll turn to the left, taking a path that goes on the southern side. We have to be carried along by different paths over Cal Federal and to head to Sant Grau hermitage. The views over the sea are magnificent. We’ll find the Bigues fountain a while later, which is arranged with a stone frame but dry for some time.
Further and over the fountain, we’ll find the huge rocks that made up Pedra sobre altra, which is used as a boundary between Llagostera and Tossa and stands above the woods. We’ll find a simple dolmen or sepulchral chamber under this huge rock. This type of megalithic monument was used as a burial chamber by the old settlers. According to the archaeological discoveries, it is believed that the chamber was erected around 2500 BC.
We’ll come back following the ridge to Sant Benet and then, taking an entertaining descent by Mula espenyada path.
Pedra sobre altra huge rocks is, together with Pedralta oscillating rock (even better known), one of the most spectacular rocks that must be highlighted among the exceptional granite landscape of the Ardenya.
36.89 Km 511.6 m 1115.5 m
4 hores 40 minuts 4.9 m Si
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