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Roca Ponça fountain

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We’ve made a complete tour through the closest Ardenya - Pedralta, path to Guilla Fountain, Sant Benet, Sant Baldiri, Ceps col, Matamala cave... to arrive at Roca Ponça fountain. We’ll go up again to Can Duran col over the dump by Can Dalmau path. We’ll leave the dump aside and after a stretch of paved road, we’ll turn on the right, leading to the middle of Roca Ponça rocks, a climbing area with vias ferratas. We’ll walk a short defile that gives us a large panoramic view of the zone. If we follow the signs of the local trail, we’ll reach Roques Bessones. There is a wider descent that we have to go up on the right side that will lead us at the base of Roca Ponsa. We’ll find the fountain, from where slightly ferruginous water runs, beside the path, with a small wooden bank.
We’ve enjoyed the rocky landscape around Roca Ponça, full of rocks in different shapes that are spread across the land of this narrow valley between Carcaixells and Montclar. We’ll have a curious perspective of the Vall d’Aro from here, the western side, staring at the Solius bell tower and the high buildings of Platja d’Aro. If we are lucky, we’ll hear the strikes of the monastery bells.
After going around these mountains that are so close, we can confirm that Roca Ponça is one of the magnificent spots of the Ardenya for cycling, walking or climbing, the latter just for the braves.
36.35 Km 357.3 m 1085.4 m
5 hores un minut 25.6 m Si
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