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Can Banyacroua limekiln

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This is a very funny route, fit for an easy cycling, and aiming at discovering the richness of Ridaura heritage (limekilns, old mills, weirs...). We’ll take the greenway to arrive near Llagostera. We’ll cross the dual carriageway by the first bridge and we’ll get to Can Puig bog by Can Funarions, cycling beside Sant Llorenç crops and paying attention at green and yellow signs. From can Puig, we’ll go up to a small col where we’ll find a sign to Can Banyacroua. We must cross a stream to get to the mas. We’ll go down the river and we’ll find another sign, pointing at a path on the left that will lead us to Can Banyacroua limekiln. Amid the vegetation, we’ll find the building that is still in good condition.
We’ll keep on cycling this path to the river, where we’ll find the first of the five mills of our route. It’s called Més amunt de can Moner mill. We’ll follow the local track signs that we’ll find near this path. We’ll get to Mig or can Carreres mill, and then, can Moner mill, attached to the house. We’ll go down and we’ll find the weir of can Nadal old mill. Further, a path will lead us to can Font bridge and finally, to can Pata mill.
Ridaura has lovely riverbank woods all along its basin. However, it is a river that is a bit forgotten and damaged because of the dump near its headwaters.
This interesting sing-posted route along the river gives us the chance to discover the rich heritage of limekilns, weirs and old mills that are often half- hidden.
This is the proof that once the river had been laborious and resourceful. Moreover, we recommend walking this route that would have a high pedagogic value if it has explanatory panels.
42.4 Km 211.2 m 682.8 m
4 hores 23 minuts 14.6 m Si
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