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Ridaura mills

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Not so long ago, Ridaura was a useful river with clean waters. It was a hard-working river in the past. Its volume was able to make seven hydraulic mills work. These old mills can still be seen. They became a milestone in those times when the water strength was used to give motion to man’s industries.
We’ll find Mariano mill (only four damaged walls left) at the lower part of the river. Next, there are the following mills: can Pata, can Nadal, can Moner (the best preserved), can Carreres or del Mig, Amunt and Can Cabanyes, the latter is hidden amid the woods and we’ll find it at the highest part of the river.
We’ll pay attention at Mig or can Carreres mill in this route. We’ll go down from can Banyacroua mas. After Amunt mill, there is a sign-posted path that leads us to can Carreres mill, which is huge and hidden among the bramble. Down the river, we’ll find can Moner mas with its well-preserved mill and its large pond. If we follow the signs of this route, we’ll find also Xerrac bridge and different channelling through which waters flow and make can Pata mill move.
All these mills are remains of the past. At present, it is a damaged river because of the Solius dump in its headwaters. It would be nice to make up a river of clear waters in the near future. That way, generations to come will know the unique history of mills and weirs.
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