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Solius paths and Roca Ponça

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This is an interesting route around Solius and Roca Ponça.
We’ll start cycling through Roca Tosa, around the masos of Can Llaurador and Can Dalmau. We’ll go up to the dump to discover the singular Roca Ponça rocks. There is a very technical descent (we’ll have to walk some parts of it) among the rocks that will lead us to Gatellar valley.
We’ll climb to Solius monastery and we’ll take can Auladell path to get Roca Ponça again. We’ll have a lovely perspective over the monastery (dated from 1773) and its elegant bell tower that can be seen from the entire valley. An interesting collection of Nativity scenes and dioramas is exhibited in the rooms of the Cistercian monastery. We’ll be again in Roca Ponça zone and we’ll begin a long descent by different paths that will take us to the terrace in front of Solius castle. It’s worth getting out of the bike and climbing the stone steps of the castle remains. We’ll see a large panoramic view from vall d’Aro to the sea. The castle was erected between the 12th and 13th centuries and its main purpose was to defend the zone. When the Remences war came to an end (15th century), the decline of the castle began. At the other side of the terrace, we’ll be able to visit Moros cave in a big rocky place. There is the chance to go to Solius and Roca Ponsa by more direct and comfortable tracks. However, we’ll encourage you to cycle this intense, exigent and circular route, highly recommended for lovers of paths.
37.02 Km 225.6 m 1191 m
4 hores 53 minuts 14.6 m Si
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