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Megalithic Cadiretes

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This route goes around Puig de Cadiretes, between Tossa and Llagostera. We’ll be able to discover some of the most outstanding megalithic elements of the zone.
Coming from la Trencada (Sant Baldiri), we’ll take a path that goes on the ridge, below the medieval mas of Can Cabanyes, that will lead us to can Cabanyes simple dolmen. Before coming to the mas and beside the path, we’ll find an old limekiln. We’ll cycle right down the middle of the mas and we’ll find the Pedra dels Sacrificis (sacrifice stone) amid the woods, in the south. It is a large flat granite rock with engraved ramified lines. It is dated from approximately 4000 years ago, like the rest of megalithic elements of the zone.
We’ll go up to Cadiretes and, on the right side, we’ll find can Llac menhir, which has a phallic shape and is 265cm high. Another important menhir of the zone, called Mantagut menhir, is currently in Llagostera museum.
The easiest way to go up to the peak of Cadiretes is by coming from Pinyaques plain. We’ll go down by the GR towards Tossa and, after 200m, we’ll find the magnificent Garcia dolmen at the right side. It is a south-facing sepulchral chamber, which is 220cm wide and 240 high.
Taking a path through the woods, we’ll arrive at Pedra sobre altra simple dolmen, which is the best known megalithic element of this zone.
Below the huge rocky tower, there is the sepulchral chamber. Different funerary objects were found in archaeological excavations. There is a chain that will let us climb to the top of the rock and we’ll enjoy a wonderful panoramic view from there.
Cycling through this zone among Sant Baldiri, can Cabanyes, Cadiretes peak and Sant Grau allow us to know the interesting prehistoric legacy (dolmens, simple dolmens, sepulchral chambers, menhirs…) that are scattered around this zone.
37.08 Km 481.8 m 1330.8 m
4 hores 43 minuts -112.8 m Si
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