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Llop cave

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This is a route through Ardenya in order to discover the Llop cave and enjoy an extraordinary view of the surroundings from the top of Puig de Sant Baldiri. We have no choice but to combine cycling and hiking to arrive where the cave is. From can Codolar, we’ll come in the woods towards Puig de les Cols and we’ll find a path that comes from Sant Baldiri col. We’ll follow it on the shady slope of Puig de les Cols until we’ll find some electric towers. From here, we must walk down and we’ll find the Llop cave below a huge granite rock, in a hollow, at the left side. The place above Molinets stream is a wild place, among the bramble. At the beginning of last century, concurring with Plana Basarda discoveries, different excavations were carried out in this cave.
The route goes on towards a huge rocky place, which is placed 200m far from one of the electric towers. The rocks are overlapped and have made up a cavity, as if it was a rocky shelter. The rocky towers of fanciful shapes with shelters and cavities are very typical of these mountains. The path leads us to Puig de Sant Baldiri. We’ll get the top by a fairly cycling path. The Puig de Sant Baldiri is strategically placed among Montclar, Puig de les Cols and Montagut and there is a large perspective over the Ardenya from there. Below, we’ll have the big can Codolar house, the sea in the background, the horizon beyond the Formigues Islands, Carcaixells, Solius, Llagostera, Montseny and Canigó, among others.
We can take advantage of this route in order to discover lesser-known spots of the nearest Ardenya.
35.18 Km 408.2 m 1050.5 m
5 hores un minut 11.7 m Si
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