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Pi de la Milana (pine tree) and Pedra Ullada

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This route is aimed at discover Pi de la Milana (pine tree) in the southern slope of Puig gros. We’ll go up by Divina Pastora to the top of this peak, so typical of Sant Feliu de Guíxols. About 100m before reaching the top, we’ll take a path on the right side that is marked with milestones and will lead us on foot to Pi de la Milana.
This monumental pine tree with a huge crown was well-known by the people of the sea, who used it as a benchmark. Some years ago, a lightning split it down. Currently, it is dead and there is only the huge carcass left, which is half singed.
We’ll climb Puig Gros and we’ll have a magnificent panoramic view over the Pyrenees, the sea and Sant Feliu harbour. If we follow a sign-posted path on the right side, we’ll find Pedra Ullada, a block of granite in original shapes that has been eroded. There are plenty of granite formations, rocky towers, balls, shelters and caves in the whole Puig Gros. The circular route through the closest Ardenya will come to an end by Sant Benet, Sant Baldiri, can Duran and can Dalmau path. We are pretty sure that the superb backlit outline of Pi de la Milana with the blue of the sea in the background would be an image that will go with us in our routes through these mountains for many years.
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