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St. Llorenç hermitage and Moros tower

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This 50km route runs around Llagostera. From Solius we’ll go up to Tallades and then go down to Ridaura and Sant Llorenç plains. We’ll find Sant Llorenç hermitage there, on top of a hill. The hermitage is very simple and is attached to a mas in the middle of a field, surrounded by holm oaks. The hermitage names this entire spot: some plains with masos, urbanizations and woods in the southern part of Llagostera.
We’ll keep on cycling to Bruguera neighbourhood and Panedes plain, which has larger views that Sant Llorenç one. We’ll find the Moros tower amid the woods, near the Sureda mas. Different excavations confirm that it was the remains of a Roman thermal springs. The place is clean and has been arranged. Recently, an information board has been set up.
Solius Monastery and Castle, Ridaura basin, Sant Llorenç and Panedas make up a beautiful landscape that we’ll discover cycling, with the shape of Llagostera church and bell tower, that we’ll take as a hallmark in much of the itinerary.
47.41 Km 204.4 m 1025.5 m
4 hores 46 minuts 21.8 m Si
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