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Ardenya hermitages, chapels and monasteries

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This is a long route through the Ardenya, bringing together hermitages, chapels and churches and finishing at Sant Feliu Monastery, with the chance to climb Fum tower, recently restored.
Our first stage will be in the lovely Sant Amanç hermitage, dated from 17th century and restored in 2009. We’ll go on to Bujonis stream and we’ll take the path to the old kennel to go up to Santa Escolàstica and Pedralta. There is the little chapel of Pedralta in front of the well-known oscillating stone (our second stage).
We’ll go down by Aigües path to can Llaurador and then Solius monastery (third stage), built up in 1773. A Cistercian congregation lives there. We’ll go next to Sant Baldiri (4th stage). It was a baroque popular hermitage (17th-18th centuries) where many people once met in different festive gatherings, but that is currently close to collapse.
The 5th stage is from Sant Baldiri to Sant Grau hermitage in Tossa. It is a neogothic building that has changed considerably. Most recently, a bar service with food and drinks opened.
We’ll come back cycling by the ridge to can Cabanyes and can Codolar and we’ll arrive at Sant Benet del Bosc (6th stage), a masia nearly in ruins, where there was a little chapel. Further, we’ll find Romaguer mas or Divina Pastora (7th stage) that had also a little chapel inside the house.
We have Sant Elm Hermitage left (8th stage). It dates from 1723 and is the place from where the coast was named as Costa Brava. It has lovely views over the sea. We’ll finish our route at the Sant Feliu Monastery (9th stage) and we’ll climb Fum tower that has a semi-circular ground plan. We’ll enjoy the views over the city from there. Before climbing the tower, we’ll stare at the Romanesque Porta Ferrada (10th-11th centuries), which has three horseshoe arcs supported by columns. It is a symbol of the city.
This is an interesting and exigent route with different types of architecture, some of them very simple; others, more complex that can create an attractive itinerary to discover this part of Ardenya.
43.65 Km 471.2 m 1400.6 m
5 hores 22 minuts 3.5 m Si
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