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Calonge Quarries

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This is an interesting route through les Gavarres in order to reach two large quarries in Calonge. We’ll find Pilar quarry halfway between the Ganga col and the village. At present, it is in full swing thanks to a well-known construction company. A pebbly path that goes down from ca l’Alenyà mas leads us there. This path goes on the ridge between Puig d’Arques and la Ganga. We’ll get a magnificent panoramic view over the sea, the Vall de Calonge and the quarry.
Below Rio de Oro urbanisation, we’ll take a path on the right on the same road. We’ll follow the Folc stream to go up to the next quarry, called d’en Folc or de can Mont (located on the shady slope of can Mont Mountain). It’s been abandoned for years. The blocks of Stones to build Palamós harbour were extracted from this quarry.
We’ll keep on cycling to find Campament path. We’ll come back to Vall d’Aro and Sant Feliu across Vall de Molins of the Calonge stream and the Fenals col.
It is impressive to look at the contrast between the two quarries of this route: Pilar quarry is very successful and scratches literally the mountain to obtain mostly gravel. On the contrary, Folc quarry is in a deserted area nearly covered up with vegetation, showing only a huge gap, a grey stain among the greenish Gavarres. Until recently, lots of generations of stonemasons, miners and so on worked so hard scratching the inside of les Gavarres.
43.34 Km 478.9 m 1231.4 m
4 hores 53 minuts 7.8 m Si
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