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Pietat d'Erols Hermitage

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It is a circular morning route that is about 70km long. It is ideal to cycle through the Onyar crop fields that we find among Cassà, Campllong, Fornells and Llambilles and to know two hermitages (Remei in Cassà and Pietat in Llambilles).
We’ll cycle on the greenway towards Cassà to take a path to Sant Andreu Salou. Before getting Sant Andreu, we’ll take a path on the right to arrive at the beautiful Remei hermitage in Sangosta neighbourhood. The hermitage is attached to a sharecropper’s mas and is built in a peaceful and arranged spot, where a crowded festive gathering, organised by Cassà people, takes place in autumn. We’ll keep on cycling towards Campllong and Ferreries neighbourhood to get close to Llambilles. The aim would be to reach Erols neighbourhood near Quart and discover the Pietat hermitage. It is a Romanesque building that dates from the 12th century. Different restorations have been carried out, the latter in 1979. The big arcade supported by columns and the bell gable must be pointed out. There is a mas beside the hermitage where we can ask for the key, if we want to visit the chapel. We’ll come back to Llambilles and we’ll cycle in front of the lovely Torre stately mas. When we reach Llambilles, we’ll follow the PR signpost to Sant Cristòfol fountain. Then, we’ll continue to Matamala plain. We’ll cross the road that goes from Cassà to La Bisbal and we’ll get to Dues Rieres. After can Vilallonga, we’ll meet Verneda and Panedas plains to put an end to this long itinerary. It is highly recommended for people who love to cycle with lovely panoramic views over crop fields, hermitages, masos and Onyar streams.
67.06 Km 245.8 m 1118.1 m
20.3 m Si
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