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Vila-romà Castle

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It’s a long route through Gavarres massif to find the remains of Vila-romà castle in Palamós.
We’ll have to cycle on the ridge through Romanyà and Puig d’Arques to Ganga col. We’ll cross the road and we’ll take the path to la Carvoca towards Fitor. We’ll get the ruined can Ribot mas, below Puig del Cargol. We’ll have to take a signposted path on the left. It is a very technical and pebbly path but very beautiful that will lead us straight to Vila-romà castle. It is a medieval fortification that dates from the 12th century. Its aim was to defend the land and property of Sant Joan de Palamós and Vall-Llobrega. Later, it was dependent on Girona bishopric. During the Guerra del Francès (Peninsular war), it was blasted by Napoleon’s troops and was left it in a very poor condition. The four walls and some vault that stand the test of time gives us the idea of how the fortification was. A mystery and nostalgic atmosphere surrounds the castle. Urgent maintenance measures are required to avoid a complete collapse.
We’ll keep on cycling through vall de Bell-lloc where we can visit the remains of a mill, the Mas Antoniet lime kiln and the lovely Bell-lloc hermitage. The neat hermitage contrasts with the abandoned remains of the castle and offers a characteristic image of this spot.
We’ll cycle up to the wide track that comes from Puig Cargol to take a signposted path that goes down to Calonge, crossing the following valleys: Coma, Fonts and Tinars.
We’ll come back to Sant Feliu by Sant Antoni, Platja d’Aro and Vall d’Aro. We’ll conclude this itinerary. It is 55 km long and has 1100m high difference that gives us the chance to cycle calmly through Vila-romà castle and go back a few hundred years for a while.
54.26 Km 477.9 m 1398.9 m
5 hores 28 minuts 0.6 m Si
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