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30 crosses stone and St. Cristòfol del Bosc

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This is a lovely 60km-itinerary in which we’ll go to 30 crosses stone and Sant Cristòfol del Bosc fountain and hermitage. We’ll cycle across the Gavarres, between Cassà and Llambilles. On the way, we’ll cross Panedes and Verneda plains and we’ll find the enigmatic 30 crosses stone in Llebrers de Dalt neighbourhood (Cassà de la Selva). It is a huge stone in the shape of a monolith that has about 30 engraved crosses of different sizes. The experts think that the meaning of the crosses could be related to some facts that took place during the Guerres dels Remences (peasant’s war).
We’ll get to the Brugantó basin through a path in the middle of the woods. We’ll take the path that will lead us to Sant Cristòfol del Bosc hermitage. The first hermitage dates from the 1300 and was restored in 1984. It is thought that its keel-shaped apse could be homage to Sant Cristofol, the patron-saint of boatmen. The spot is arranged and tidy. There are some stone tables and a barbecue. A crowded festive gathering takes place there every year.
We’ll cycle down from the hermitage to Sant Cristòfol fountain. It is located in a shady and welcoming spot, protected under a stone arch.
We’ll come back through Matamala plain and keep on cycling to Dues Rieres and Can Vilallonga to find the can Sardanes path towards can Bota de la Verneda.
We’ll get the Cabra Penjada and we’ll cross Panedes woods to arrive at the GR that will lead us to the greenway at the Salenys bridge level, from where we’ll come back to Sant Feliu.
This itinerary is suitable for those people who love to cycle around and know these crop fields (Panedes, La Verneda, Matamala). It is interesting to explore this Gavarres area around Sant Cristòfol del Bosc, trying to find out the mysteries of the 30 crosses stone.
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