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From Roca Rovira to Ses Balelles

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It is a duathlon route through the mountains and the sea in which bicycle touring and swimming will be combined. The aim is to reach Ses Balelles islets. They are small pieces of Sant Feliu land that are scattered over the eastern coast between cala del Molí and cala de l’Ametller. We have cycled early in the morning to Romanyà towards Mas Nou to visit the lovely Vallvanera hermitage, located in the middle of the Golf Course.
We’ll come back to Romanyà to go at the top of Roca Rovira (signpost). From here, we’ll gaze at one of the best panoramic views over Vall d’Aro, Sant Feliu and part of La Selva. We’ll follow the damaged signposts of a pebbly local path and we’ll cycle downwards below Roca Rovira. We’ll be driven straight to Santa Cristina.
We’ll keep on cycling on the greenway to Sant Feliu. We’ll find Sant Pol road at the Piramides level. We’ll follow it for a hundred metres on the right side until we’ll take a path that will lead us to Cala de l’Ametller. From its reefs, we’ll swim to els Secaïns and Ses Balelles (200m).
The perspective that we’ll have from this place over our town is worthwhile.
The part of the shore that is found between cala Jonca and Sant Pol beach, without forgetting Cap de Mort, has a breathtaking beauty. We’ll find plenty of reefs, islets and cliffs with an amount of caves, coves, little beaches and sandy spots. It is a small treasure that must be preserved that we can calmly discover by means of a kayak or a boat. It could be an excellent tourist attraction.
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