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Romanyà fountains

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There are plenty of fountains in the lovely Romanyà landscape. Not so long ago, hundreds of people hiked to some of these fountains to have parties or an afternoon snack. At present, only two or three of them are known by ramblers or cyclists who move around there.
This route links more than a dozen fountains in the surroundings of Romanyà. We’ll get to some well-known fountains: Font Josepa, Font del Prat or Font de la Castanyeda. Others have been restored recently: Font de can Poncet, Font de la Ruda. And some of them have been always popular: Font de can Güitó, near the road.
We’ll see other fountains that are difficult to find such as the Font del Llop, Font Sotera (in the picture) or the Font del Cucut (into the brambles). We’ll find the well-known Font de Panedes (mineral and ferruginous water) in Salenys stream spot and the unique Font del Plat that sticks out of the ground. There are the further fountains of can Llac and Roquetal out of this route. They were the aim of another itinerary. On our way back, we’ll have enough energy to visit two important and busy fountains: Font Picant and Font de Maria Ribas, also called fresh water fountain.
The fountains represent a valuable good of our mountains. We could take advantage of the echo that Romanyà has achieved due to its rich megalithic and Romanesque heritage, its beautiful landscape and the trace left by the Catalan writer Mercè Rodoreda. We could commit ourselves to restore, catalogue and signpost all the fountains, mines and “mullarins” (word used in Romanyà for damp places). At present, we need fountains as benchmarks. We are interested in recovering the excursions and festive traditions of the place, taking into account the chance to be a tourist attraction.
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