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Salenys-La Verneda-Ridaura

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This long itinerary goes around Llagostera, bringing together three different close rivers: Salenys stream, La Verneda and Ridaura.
From the Salenys bridge on the greenway, we’ll go the GR up to Pla de Panedas and we’ll find the hanging bridge over the Gorges de Salenys zone. This is an appealing place, especially if the water flows. We can visit on foot some ponds and waterfalls that we can find along the stream in this zone that has also a via ferrata.
We’ll cross Panedas towards ca l’Aldric summer camp house to arrive near can Bota, beside la Verneda stream. We’ll find its headwater in different streams over can Llac and flows down through Llagostera, Cassà and les Gavarres plains. Before getting to the Cabra Penjada, we’ll take a lovely path on the right that runs parallel to the stream for a couple of km.
We’ll leave la Verneda behind and we’ll cross Cassà road by can Navarro to go to can Companyó. Then, we’ll cross Vidreres road and will head to Pla de Sant Llorenç. By can Puig marsh, we’ll get to can Banyacroua mas. From there, we’ll go down to the Ridaura river. The volume of its water is considerably in the rainy season. We’ll have to cross the river several times all along this wonderful route. It’s an amazing and funny itinerary for sure with the chance to be soaked.
We’ll be wet like drowned rats but happy to have done this 50-km route. We’ll come back to Sant Feliu by Verneda and Ridaura basins.
54.43 Km 253 m 906.5 m
5 hores 42 minuts 11.7 m No
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