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Lead mine (St. Cebrià dels Alls)

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It’s an itinerary around Sant Cebrià dels Alls old parish in les Gavarres. Once we are in Romanyà, we’ll cycle near Font Josepa towards Puig d’Arques. At Pla de can Sabater, below the hill, we’ll take a path on the left and we’ll cycle around. We’ll find the remains of can Fonollet medieval mas, which was dug recently. We’ll reach Puig de la Gavarra and Puig d’Arques – an excellent point of view over the Empordà- to come back to Pla de can Sabater.
We’ll arrive to Sant Cebrià dels Alls by the path on the ridge. Before getting to the ruined mas of can Vergeli, 600 m further away, we’ll take a wonderful path on the left (white milestone) that goes along the northern shadier slope.
Halfway up, we’ll find the Nadal lead mine on the left side. The 60-m entrance is the only part left of the old mine exploitation. Silver was looked for and some lead was found. Its low performance was the cause of its abandonment. We must take a torch if we want to come in.
We’ll cycle the path down to the GR. Afterwards we’ll go up firstly on a pebbly non- cycling path. We’ll pass by the Pla de can Sabat and the remains of an ice house basement, below Sant Cebrià. From there, we’ll come back towards Puig d’Arques. 500 m before getting to there, we’ll take a signposted path on the left that will lead us to Mas Sais. We’ll cycle a way down for a couple of km. We’ll turn right by the camp path to Romanyà- Calonge road. We’ll cross Platja d’Aro through Fenals col and we’ll reach Sant Feliu by the greenway.
This lead mine and other elements such as ice-house basements, old mills, lime kilns, tile warehouses and so on suggest us how the work conditions and the social relations were not so long ago.
46.58 Km 512 m 1752 m
4 m Si
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