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Can Mont mountain

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Can Mont mountain is characterised by its outline in the wide orography of les Gavarres. It is on the western side of Calonge and is 277m high, giving rise to a plateau. It is found a little apart from the massif and it is a great viewpoint over vall de Calonge and Palamós bay. The urbanisations in the southern part confirm that fact.
We’ll cycle up to Mas Nou by the path of Santa Cristina church. Then, we’ll cycle down until we’ll find Calonge stream (Vall de Molins). We’ll cross the road and we’ll take the old camp path that will bring us closer to can Mont Mountain.
This mountain hides some treasures that we’ll discover all along this route. There is Folc quarry that it can be seen from many places because of its huge opening. At present, this quarry is abandoned and the stone to build Palamós harbour were extracted from there.
When we’ll reach the plateau, we’ll see vineyards and crop fields among pine and holm-oak woods. We’ll have to find a huge classified holm-oak near can Mont mas (inhabited) and further away, can Mont fountain at the base of an enormous holm oak.
We’ll follow the signposted path towards the southern part of the mountain and we’ll arrive at Castell Barri Iberian site. It is made up by old ramparts and a tower, which was demolished and has a Roman origin with some medieval contributions. The panoramic view from here is breathtaking: vall de Calonge, Palamós bay, Fenals hermitage and all the valleys that are found between les Gavarres and Puig d’Arques.
We’ll hope this superb can Mont plateau could be preserved from the building boom. Currently, it affects a great deal of the southern part of the mountain without order or harmony.
35.45 Km 329.9 m 1191.7 m
4.9 m Si
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