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Verneda Basin

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The Verneda source is in Les Gavarres, in the mountains between Puig d’Arques and can Sitges. From the southern slope of Puig d’Aiguaró and Puig del Moro, more than 500m high, there are some streams that flow down and converge into this important stream. Further, other streams that come from Roquedal and can Llac make its water flow bigger.
We’ve cycled along la Verneda source and its middle part to can Capçana weir. This middle part of la Verneda runs firstly towards Llagostera and further away, after can Bota, runs firmly to Cassà until that weir. From this point, its gentle course continues and crosses Serinyà and Esclet plains in Cassà until it is connected to Gotarra stream and flows into Onyar river in Campllong. Its course is 20km long.
We’ve explored the middle part of La Verneda, which is not well known, cycling along its course by path and crossing it several times. There is rich riverside vegetation with plenty of alders (in Catalan “vern” that gives its name to the stream). They grow up along its course. The plain between Llagostera and Cassà have some crop fields of different farms that are still in the zone.
On the way back, we’ll pass by can Mercader majestic pine tree. These large plains of la Verneda and Panedes are the best place for bicycle touring. There is a lovely landscape behind this complex network of paths. This landscape is a mixture of woods and crop fields and the places we need to know: la Resclosa (weir), can Mercader pine, Verneda stream, Torre dels Moros, can Salvador marsh and others that we’ll discover while we are cycling around the zone.
53.68 Km 338 m 923.9 m
5 hores 29 minuts 21.8 m Si
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