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Can Vallfreda cork forest

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This itinerary will allow us to know can Vallfreda cork forest in Les Gavarres. It is not a large forest and has majestic cork oaks with no cork. Some of them are centenary trees and are lined up along the path. There is barely undergrowth. Altogether, it makes the place beautiful and harmonious, with a special personality that looks like a garden among the vast Gavarres woodland. There is the old ruined can Vallfreda mas next to this forest. This astonishing cork forest is a clear example of the cork extraction from the tree that can still be seen in the surrounding forests.
When we’ve passed by the crossroad of Cassà upward path, we’ll be at the plains before els Metges. From there, we’ll find the cork forest, cycling through Matxo mort col and can Sitges. Once we are in these plains, we’ll go down by a path on the other side and turn left to find a more travelled one. Afterwards, we’ll take the path on the right to arrive at the cork forest. We’ll cycle downwards to cross Daró river and then climb Llumeneres col on our way back. We’ll reach Panedes plains and take the greenway, at the Salenys bridge level (GR), to come back to Sant Feliu.
We think this itinerary is very complete, varied and amusing, suitable for any fairly trained cycler.
50.62 Km 462.1 m 1086.1 m
5 hores 29 minuts 15.5 m Si
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