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Santa Maria and Sant Mateu de Montnegre

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This itinerary is more than 70km long and runs from Sant Feliu to Els Metges, Daró river and Montnegre through les Gavarres. Montnegre is a parish that currently belongs to Quart and it is already mentioned in documents of the latter part of the 10th century.
We must talk about two places: Santa Maria (rural chapel) and Sant Mateu (the parish of the surroundings), which is a Romanesque church that was modified as the years went by. Sant Mateu has been the centre of an important medieval village that was made up by scattered houses.
We’ll take the path towards Cassà (local path) to go from Els Metges to Montnegre. In Can Castelló de Dalt, we’ll take a downward path on the right side, which pass by can Vilademarc mas and bring us to the Daró river and finally to the Bisbal road in Cassà.
We’ll cross it and we’ll take a wide path (signpost) that will lead us straight to the Montnegre.
From Sant Mateu, we’ll go down to Llambilles by a lovely path that crosses Brugantó river several times. We’ll meet the greenway in Llambilles and we’ll be added to hundreds of people that cycle there to celebrate the European Day of the Greenways.
A welcoming party with popular paella for all the participants will wait for us at the old Tinglado (building) of Sant Feliu harbour, the 0km and starting point of the greenway.
We’d like to thank everyone for taking part in this event dedicated to cycling and wish the greenway success and a long life. This greenway connects the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean Sea because it finishes at the harbour of our town.
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