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Sant Cebrià dels Alls

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This is an interesting itinerary through the south-eastern slope of Puig d’Arques in the surroundings of Sant Cebrià dels Alls old parish. It is located in the path on the ridge between this mountain and la Ganga col. This route will let us know some of the Gavarres masos that belong to this important parish.
From Santa Cristina church, we’ll go up to Masnou, down to Calonge stream and up again by the old military camp path. We’ll find different masos at different highs in les Gavarres foothills. They have lovely views over vall de Calonge and Palamós (Can Terrades, can Dalmau, Mas Sais). Can Darna and can Sabater are at a higher level. From mas Sais, we’ll follow a signposted path that will bring us straight to Sant Cebrià dels Alls, the core of the surroundings. The old Sant Cebrià village is made up by a church (from the late Romanesque), the rectory and the Camós Castle that is attached to it. The first time the parish was documented was in 1064 and it was bequeathed to Sant Feliu de Guíxols monastery. Some years later, it became dependent on Girona canonic. Around 30 or 40 houses made it up in medieval times. It is said that it could be the “hundred fires” village that was located near Puig d’Arques in a legend, as referred to in some documents of that time. It was added to Cruïlles village in 1829 after its decline and depopulation. It lost its parish condition in 1955. The extent of its deterioration and abandonment was gradually worse.
On the same path on the ridge, we’ll find the ruined masos of can Vergeli and Alenyà. After that mas, we’ll take a nice path on the right that will drive us up to Pilar quarry and can Crosos mas to reach Rio de Oro urbanisation in Calonge. From there, we’ll take the road to come back to Sant Feliu, putting an end to this 50-km route.
Thanks to Consorci de les Gavarres, restoration works has been carried out in Sant Cebrià dels Alls from 2004 on. It’s been reroofed, the foundations of the church have been dug and the entire place has been arranged. We hope that other parishes such as Els Metges, Montnegre and Santa Coloma de Fitor do the same and all this rich heritage can be recovered soon for a public use.
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