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Moros towers in Panedes

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Pointed towards les Gavarres, Panedes neighbourhood in Llagostera is a magnificent plain that runs from Llagostera to the first foothills of Romanyà. It is a close place that has still the essence of an agricultural past, where time seems to go by more slowly. Different elements attract our attention. The lovely crop fields are the most characteristic. They break with the homogeneity of the woods, creating a large green area. We must mention also the different masos and stately homes, Sant Ampèlit hermitage (beside the road), Panedas fountain, Llop waterfall and can Salvador monumental pine, currently cut down. For cyclers, it is easy to get lost in the funny mess of paths.
If we cycle down from les Gavarres through this net of paths, we’ll arrive next to Sureda mas. Until recently, it was used as a rural apart hotel. There, we’ll find the remains called Moros tower. As making the effect of an apparition, these ruins stand over the woods with its elegant aspect (its surroundings have been cleaned and arranged recently). It is called Moros tower although it is not a tower and it has nothing to do with moros (Catalan word for Moors). According to archaeological studies, they are Roman remains, in particular a village and thermal baths.
Romans knew what they were doing, when they had set up in Penedes. You can verify it taking one of the paths in the surroundings and letting you get lost.
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