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Bamboo cane wood

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We’ll cycle along the hollows between Romanyà and Calonge below Font Josepa to find the bamboo cane wood of Can Cases. It’s not only a clean and arranged reed bed, but also a different and original place, where there are a couple of hundred American bamboos. Some of them are thicker than a wrist. Above, there is a non-dried fountain.
From Romanyà, we’ll cycle towards Font Josepa. When we’ll be at a wide path, in the col in front Llac mas, we’ll turn right, taking a downward path that is very funny and technical and will take us straight to the bamboo cane wood. From this point on, Calonge stream is the linchpin of the zone. We’ll cycle on a path that runs parallel to the stream, we’ll cross an urbanisation (Vall Repòs) and we’ll get close to the area of mills in Calonge (we can take signposted cycling routes). We’ll look for an ice-house basement that is below can Riera ruined mas.
We are between Santa Cristina and Calonge. 8 months ago, there was a heavy snowfall. It is sad to say that there are still important paths that are not arranged and where nobody can pass through because of it.
We’ll come back by Castanyeda fountain to reach Romanyà. We’ll go down by the Brucs funny path that we’ll take in Romanyà and will drive us to the greenway.
This delightful American bamboo cane wood is highly recommended and represents a unique sample in the wide uniform mass of vegetation in les Gavarres. It would be appropriate to signpost and classify it. It would be good to preserve it, too.
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