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Ganso fountain

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It is an excellent itinerary through les Gavarres in order to find Ganso fountain in Cassà. By Romanyà and Matxo mort col, we’ll reach Prats dels Metges. From here, we’ll go down to Daró river, next to the ruined mas of can Castelló de Baix. From Prats, we have the choice to arrive to Sant Cebrià de Lladó (Els Metges) that is less than 500m away.
From can Castelló, we’ll turn right to the Solelles d’en Barrils, a terrace where different paths meet. By the southern path, we’ll turn right and we’ll cross the hollows in the headwaters of can Vilallonga stream. In one of these hollows, we’ll find a path on the left side that goes into the forest (Ganso fountain signpost). It will lead us to the fountain, placed in that hollow. It is an arranged fountain, from where ferruginous water flows, not always with the same volume. In fact, it is not flowing for quite a while.
We’ll come back to the main path and we’ll turn left, going down to Dues Rieres. We’ll pass by can Vilallonga, la Resclosa, Verneda and Panedes plains. We’ll go down by the GR to Salenys bridge to put an end to this circular route that is about 50km long and has a high difference of 900m.
Fountains are one of the most valuable goods of our heritage. However, they are also weak and unstable. We should know them without forgetting its maintenance and preservation. Both are indispensable for its survival.
55.16 Km 457.7 m 1344.9 m
5 hores 15 minuts 9.8 m Si
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