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Castell d'Aro fountains

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It is an appealing route around Castell d’Aro that will take us to Fenals outstanding hermitage. We’ll cycle along the signposted route of the fountains (Ferro, Boixa, Sitjar and Acàcia) that we’ll find in the headwaters of Coma stream.
We’ll begin the route, cycling up to Fenals col and then down to Calonge stream. From here, we’ll go up to Santa Maria de Fenals Romanesque hermitage and can Marsillac fountain, sheltered under a monumental cork oak. The hermitage has been restored and its surroundings arranged. We’ll cycle upwards to Masnou to meet Castell d’Aro fountains route in can Manel neighbouring urbanisation. It is a lovely circular itinerary, also signposted as a trekking route that runs along the course of Coma stream. The fountains are cleaned up and arranged. A couple of fountains must be pointed out: Font del Ferro, located in a magnificent spot and Font de la Boixa, placed in a shadier spot where there was a coal bunker.
We’ll find curious and instructive explanatory panels about the different varieties of trees and shrubs that grow up along our route. We’ll be surprised by the great amount of plants and bushes names. There are very relevant comments and explanations about their features and properties: butcher’s brooms, wild roses, lavenders, wild olive trees, Montpellier cistus, smilax, strawberry trees, horsetails, ferns, gorses, lice banes, weaver’s brooms, heaths and so on... Absolutely superb! It is very simple but educational. It is a great idea that could be used in other paths of the Ardenya.
33.67 Km 321.2 m 999.6 m
4 hores 52 minuts 7.4 m Si
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