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Puig d'Arques

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Climbing to Puig d’Arques is compulsory for any rambler (on foot or MTB). It is one of the most emblematic places in Les Gavarres that is 535m high. A magnificent 360 degree panorama can be enjoyed from there. On clear days, we can have a superb view over the Empordà plain, Gulf of Roses and Medes Islands. There are weather radar, a wooden viewpoint and the restored Puig d’Arques dolmen on top of the hill.
We’ve done the typical route up to Romanyà and Font Josepa. After getting to the top and enjoying the views, we’ve looked for the mas of Aiguabona hostel, lost on Puig d’Arques surroundings, which was recently excavated.
This mas is located next to the path between Puig d’Arques and Can Sitges (Metges path). It is a little mas that has 70 m2.
It is more contemporary (19th century). The name comes from the fact that it was used as a hostel by people who worked in the woods at that time: cork peelers, woodcutters and coalmen.
They are lost masos and houses that barely anybody remembers. They have come to light thanks to these excavations. They are a historic proof of the life in les Gavarres at the time when the woods were a top-rated economic resource.
We’ll come back by can Sitges, Matxo Mort col and la Verneda. We’ll take the GR in Panedes that will drive us to the greenway at the Salenys bridge level. We’ll reach Sant Feliu by the same cycling trail.
44.45 Km 524.1 m 975.4 m
2.1 m No
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