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Can Llac and Roquetal fountains

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It is a route that goes through the northern slopes of Romanyà that will lead us to can Llac or Arbres fountain (also known as Xicu fountain) and further away to Roquetal fountain. We’ve visited before Ruda and Josepa fountains, the latter is a well-known and appreciated spot, specially for lovers of the woods and ramblers. After Font Josepa, we’ll arrive at the main trail to cycle towards can Llac by a path with a chain on its left side. When we’ll reach the house, we’ll turn left. 200m further, we’ll find the stone fountain that flows generously. Several generations of people from Sant Feliu used to hike or camp in can Llac from an early age.
We’ll cycle up to Matxo mort col and we’ll come into the lovely Gironès chestnut groove. We’ll climb a little more and then we’ll go down to the Roquetal house. We’ll find the stone fountain, which is arranged and well set-up. We’ll enjoy a nice perspective over Llagostera plain.
These fountains are found in different cirques and streams of la Verneda source. We’ll cycle this important stream down that runs generously in the rainy season until Cabra Penjada crossroad.
We are delighted to cycle through these spots with the sound of the water in the background.
44.46 Km 408.7 m 956.3 m
5 hores 24 minuts 19.4 m Si
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